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~ Free Advertising from 1st May 2003 - 1st Jan 2004 ~

Just email us your company details and let us know what category you want to apply for and we will manually enter it into our BUSINESS DIRECTORY database.

This Service is free from 1st May 2003 - Ist Jan 2004 where we will then provide a very affordable advertisement package, Yearly and monthly.

° Requirements for companies who have web site li

1 - Full name of company with url link to your web site
2 - Choose a category, i.e. Travel Agent
3 - Brief description of company
4 - Your Name and Email.

° Requirements for companies who DO NOT have web site links:
If you require a page with your ad details please follow guide:

1 - Send us your Company Name with brief description
2 - Choose a category, i.e. Travel Agent
3 - Any text to be added to your page (We do not accept images)
4 - Your Name and Email

note: the directory is in alphabetical order

Please send to: marketing@yourestore.co.uk


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